Sunday, December 29, 2013

RTI: Meeting the Needs of a Student - ELL - Age 7

"The student I have in my classroom is ELL and didn't start speaking English until he entered Kindergarten.  He completed two years of Kindergarten and is being serviced through speech and language  for language development.  He also is seen 5 days a week one on one with our ELL teacher.  My student has a very hard time understanding most math vocabulary, for example: more, less  bigger, smaller,   add, subtract.  With visual pictures he can sometimes understand these math concepts but it isn't consistent. For the Aims web screener he scored within the lowest 10th percentile for oral counting, number identification, quantity discrimination, missing number, and math computation.  Right now we are just trying to find appropriate interventions.  Some of us feel that there might be something more then just a language barrier.  His academic gains in math this year have been very very slow."  

That is the situation.  Any ideas on how to help this teacher meet the needs of the student?

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  1. I have had students like this in the past and have given the ELL student a math buddy (everyone has a math buddy in my classroom). This automatically gives these students collaboration time, to talk and work through problems, not just show answers.

    I model what good math buddies do to help each other in the classroom. Keep switching buddies until you find that perfect match.

    Posted by a colleague.