Sunday, December 29, 2013

Article: Strengthening Discussions by Allison B. HIntz

In this 7-page article from NCTM the author describes the effects of strategy sharing on students' mathematical thinking process. The article presents vignettes and perspectives gathered from a study conducted with first and fourth graders over the course of year. The author focuses not only on effective strategy sharing discussions, but also how students feel about strategy sharing and the possibility that they may make errors.

What are your thoughts?  After reading the article do you promote quality mathematical discussions?  Do you allow students to engage each other in the discussion or during the discussion are students talking to you?  What do you feel about having students correct each others mistakes?

Classroom discussions (discourse) are the foundation to gaining true depth of knowledge. This depth can be solidified through mathematical tasks as described in What is a Mathematical Task in my blog (

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