Monday, January 27, 2014

Call for quality intervention ideas:

Your colleagues need your help.  There are no great researched based interventions except for good quality instruction.  However, we have students who need assistance.  

During the March PD, for those in grades 3-5 one option of PD is help with the blue box for intervention within EnVision.  This is a step in the right direction but will not solve all ills and in just more practice problems.  It does not fix the problem...only good instruction does.  

Below are the scoring subsets for the AIMSweb math assessments.  If you have suggestions on how to intervene through quality instructional ideas please comment on this blog post.

Number Identification
Oral Counting - measure requires students to orally count starting from 1 as high as they can 

Missing Number - what is the missing number in a set of numbers
Quantity Discrimination - identify the bigger number from a pair of numbers

1st Grade

Number Identification
Oral Counting
Missing Number
Quantity Discrimination
M-COMP - math computation - see already setup process at M-COMP Interventions

2nd - 5th Grade
M-COMP - math computation - see already setup process at M-COMP Interventions
M-CAP - hardest to intervene on.  This is all about applying the math.  Students need thinking skills.  See the Mathematical Thinking pieces and/or Writing to Learn for some help.

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