Monday, February 3, 2014

Thoughts on the SMARTER Balanced Practice Questions...

What did you think?  Are your students going to be well prepared?  Are there things we are doing well?  Things we need to improve upon?

This is a great forum to make suggestions, comments or compliments to what we are currently doing since it is only known within the school district.  Click on the comment link below.  You may need to register (bottom right of the page).  


  1. When I attempted the practice questions one weird thing that stood out to me was that the test allowed you to submit an answer with a blank field. On one of the questions there were multiple parts with multiple fields that needed to be filled in. Sometimes you have to scroll to get to all the parts of the questions. If students make one slight error it is marked incorrect. I think the kids need to be exposed to more of these types of digital testing formats to help prepare for the tests.

    Overall, I think my 5th graders struggle most with explaining how they get their answers. I still get responses like "I did the math and I got the right answer". I plan to try some "writing about math" activities to go along with my common core review and quick check questions. The daily modeling and practice hopefully will help them tackle these types of questions in the future.

  2. I agree. It is nice that it won't let leave an empty blank but incomplete writing will hurt their scores. Next year the hope us we have resources created to help with that, and the logical thinking.