Monday, September 14, 2015

Thoughts on the Week of iMath...

In lieu of asking everyone to take a survey from youcubed (Jo Boaler), feel free to make any comments about the Week of iMath right on this blog.  Some prompting thoughts...

  • How was engagement?
  • Which activities seemed to work well?
  • What about students with needs?
  • Did the tasks help form group norms?  Group cohesiveness?
  • How well were you able to integrate the Math Practices?
  • Others?
Youcubed at Stanford University


  1. Bobbi DeMuth, 3rd grade, Hatley

    I really enjoyed the week of iMath, and I think my students did too. They loved the videos, especially anything talking about how the wiring in our brains can be strengthened, and new pathways formed!
    The Four 4's, The Number Visuals, Pascal's Triangle, and Growing Shapes were all very engaging for students. They communicated well, and thought it was very cool when someone saw something visually that was different from theirs. You heard "Oh, yeah, I didn't even see it that way!"
    The only activity that didn't really engage my kids was the paper folding. However, we did have a great discussion of justifying answers and being skeptical or accepting of an answer without proof.
    This was also a great way to build group norms, and really focus on those 8 math practices!!

  2. The best thing about it was that we taught perseverance and growth mindset right off the bat, which helped carry over into everything else we were doing throughout the day. The discussion of the "why" instead of just getting the right answer was powerful. Setting up math as interactive group work and teaching kids how to respectfully disagree with answers to encourage higher-level thinking and deeper discussion was good. The videos at first grade were good too- love the Power of Yet. The kids really enjoyed the feet under the table activity. We also supplemented with some additional group problem solving activities. Thanks to the ladies who worked on the first grade math resources!

  3. Sounds like a group of WSMI attendees out there:) I agree in that the perseverance was a success throughout the week. I had hoped to develop the norms to a deeper level, reviewing mid to late in second week, but don't feel it stuck. The posters may help. I would do things a little differently in the grouping. The students had a new partner each day. Even though they identified "a partner not being involved while working together" as being a no no, many are not involved in discussion and sharing now that the "real math" has begun. Had I kept groups more firm, perhaps there would be sharing now....time is needed.